Approval of Singke Wireless Microphone from US Users

Approval of Singke Wireless Microphone from US Users


  • We expect every user of Singke products to give us feedback on the most authentic user experience, whether it is doubts or praise, which will help Singke continue to work hard and innovate to make better products.
  • In addition, we will also select user feedback that is helpful to other users (user feedback in the form of an intuitive short video is welcome, send it to email:, and share it with you.
  • The selected users will be included in the global experience officer directory of Singke's new products, and have the opportunity to be invited to experience new products for free at the first time.
  • Here, thank you to all Singke users, the Singke team is proud to have you.

The user below has been included in the list of global experience officers for Singke's new products.

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